Flobyt partners German firm, Defutech, to connect the unconnected in Nigeria

Flobyt is undoubted the leading force in the Free Wifi space in Nigeria since its launch in February 2017. Flobyt currently boasts of over 110 hotspots across the country especially with presence in Dominos Pizza (the largest restaurant-chain in Nigeria), 12 higher institutions (in partnership with UBA), Indomie Cafe and many more locations. Flobyt has served over 120,000 unique users since its launch as now wants to take the Free internet campaign out of the big cities into remote areas.

This move requires special equipment to be successful as research has shown that this adventure had been tried before by several other firms and the contributing factor to the failure is the type of equipment used. That is why Flobyt has partnered Defutech to support and provide their highly specialized equipment that has been successful in similar terrains across the world.

DeFuTech has deployed WiBACK in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe connecting rural regions to the Internet – at comparatively low cost. In addition to the marketing of current products, DeFuTech participates in Research and Development (R&D) projects and consultancy services. Prof. Karl Jonas, Dr. Mathias Kretschmer and Jens Mödeker sit on the advisory board.