What does Wifi really mean?
Wireless internet, or WiFi for short, lets smartphones, tablets, laptops and all other WiFi-enabled devices connect to the internet using radio waves (via a router).

When using a WiFi hotspot, your device needs to have its WiFi capability switched on (it should be somewhere under ‘settings’ or ‘connections’), and you need to be in range of the hotspot.

How do I access Flobyt Free Wifi?
Once you are in any location and you see the Flobyt sign, switch on the Wifi of your mobile device and connect to “Flobyt Free Wifi”. A browser screen will pop up where you would click on “Free access” to continue.

Are there limits to what I can do with the free Wifi?
The Wifi usage is in sessions. A session will last for 15 minutes or 15 megabytes (whichever comes first). There are no limits to the number of sessions you can have. However, hacking, phising and other malicious websites are not allowed. No laptops allowed either, only mobile devices. Apart from that, you can pretty much do anything with your Flobyt Free Wifi

What do I need to start browsing for free?
You need your wifi enabled mobile device and you need to be at a venue that has Flobyt Free Wifi.

How safe am I browsing the internet for free on Flobyt?
Your data is very safe. We have put so much security in place to guide against any malicious intents. It’s totally safe and secure to use Flobyt Free Wifi.

I have a business place, how can I have a Flobyt box to give free Wifi to my customers?
Very easy, go to our partners page and sign up. We want to empower your business attract new customers and to make them enjoy free Wifi. For limited time only, the box is free, so hurry now and sign up on our partners page.

How does Flobyt make money?
For the user the internet access is free. Also for the venue partner. This is because, the login aspect of the session is ad-supported. You will see an advert only at login. No popups. No blockages.