Welcome Flobyt Free WiFi App

Feb 24th 2017, we launched Flobyt Free Wifi as a game changer in the wifi market.

Since we launched, there are two questions are frequently asked; “How do we locate your hotspot?” And “How do we connect to Flobyt?”

Though our hotspots is available on and the process of connecting to flobyt is simple and somehow peculiar to the device’s operating system, we have designed Flobyt Free Wifi App to answer the two questions and give additional features.

Features of Flobyt Free Wifi App

1. Hotspot Listing: With Flobyt Free Wifi App, you have access to the list of all Flobyt activated hotspots around you. You can either view as LIST or MAP. Filter fast through the list by typing the name of location, area or outlet itself. On tap, you have quick access to the hotpost/venue details such as address, phone, website, facebook, twitter and instagram. The map uses Google Maps, which can give you directions to the hotspots easily.

2. Autoconnect: When you have joined Flobyt Wifi at any of our partner locations, you can connect to internet by clicking the CONNECT tab. You will notice a green “connect” button. Clicking it will commence the session login. If your session is active, visit to the CONNECT TAB will show you your current status viz-a-viz time and data left.

3. Safe Browsing: Whether you are connected through the app or through the web, connections through Flobyt Wifi are encrypted for additional security.

4. Session Auto notification: The app automatically notifies you of session expiry, so you can be auto-connected within 30secs back to the network.

Session expiry auto-notification.

5. App gallery: Our app gallery gives you quick access to other Flobyt offerings and other websites. Want to add your app/website here so thousands of our users can access it? Click here to get started…

Quick Apps Gallery

6. Sharing: Now you can easily share the news about Flobyt Wifi App with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email or any other channel installed on your phone.

To download from Android PlayStore or iPhone’s AppStore, visit the store and search for “flobyt”.

Or simply click