• Flobyt offers solutions for entry or performance improvement based on in-depth market assessment and data-backed decisions.

    Flobyt provides strategic and operational consulting services to clients across industries. We partner with our clients for not just market entry but also in the long term to help them identify new growth opportunities or to deliver performance improvements.

  • Building a Culture of Innovation. The wait is now over. Welcome Flobyt Wifi and Flobyt Social. The perception of Europe and Africa as a creators of innovative products and solutions in the world has been notched up.

    Mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) have become ubiquitous around the world and mobility is transforming the enterprise. Mobile is not simply another device for IT to support but a much broader shift to new channel of engagement. These new channels need to deliver apps and smart solutions directly in the context of the daily lives and real-time workflows of customers, partners, and employees.

  • Technology is at the core of Flobyt. With an ever changing business and economic environment, modern businesses can only survive by infusing the right technology to enable efficient business processes.

    Whatever your business process or industry, we have the technology expertise to develop solutions particularly geared towards tackling every business challenge.

  • Having a great product is not always good enough. You need to position your brand, take advantage of current opportunities, and place your products where consumers can see.

    We help organisations improve returns on their investments by putting their products and service offerings in front of consumers. We have various mediums for ensuring your brand is continually exposed.